WibeStat allows companies to do three things that standard GIS solutions can do.

  • Manage different types and massive amounts of data;
  • Perform sophisticated analyses that directly address strategic objectives;
  • Integrate these analyses into decision-making processes.

Example: Although one of the outputs was a map showing competitor's retail locations, the map didn't distinguish one competitor from another and contains no information as to what types of products were sold at which locations.

The main features of WiBeStat are:

  • Data import (external or internal)
  • Data sorting, organization, preparation
  • Open, flexible, client-customizable structure
  • Easy external data integration
  • Support of real-time data feeding
  • Self-customizable, easy to use web interface for data management, query
  • Integration with leading GIS (ESRI’s ArcGIS) and 3D CAD (SketchUp) tools for data entry/verification and visualization, graphical data dissemination