WiBeParking is a module that can be used as an option with WiBeMarket and / or independently as an independent and modular application.

WiBeParking allows you to manage access to your car park (aerial or underground), display of the number of spaces available, for all the car park, by zones and / or floor and also by location via a red or green led at ceiling.

WiBeParking can also manage license plate recognition, and offer free parking for a certain period of time. Subscribers can also be recognized this way.

Via the mobile application and NFC technology, it is also possible to manage subscriptions, or regular customers. It is also possible to manage pre-payments or post-payments for users of the mobile application.

Via the Bluetooth, users of the application will be able to find their vehicle thanks to a guidance in the parking lot having an accuracy of a few meters.

WiBeParking is a good solution for Connected Cities, Shopping Centers and Mall, Stations, Airports, Museums, Hotels etc.