WiBeMarket is a great marketing tool allowing communication to give the best information, at the right time, to the right place, to the prospect customer.

WiBeMarket is made up of a set of front end modules that allow the distribution of information such as the website and mobile, the mobile application (Android and iPhone), interactive kiosks placed in the mall, digital screens, audio.

WiBeMarket supports new IoT technologies such as iBeacons, NFC, WiFi to transmit localized information to users of the mobile application.

WiBeMarket also has a number of back-end modules that can be accessed according to the level of access and allow the creation and editing of the content to be displayed according to the various broadcast channels.

WiBeMarket is also a tool for collecting anonymous data, enabling a better understanding of users' consumption habits, which can then be centralized and accessible to data processing tools such as WiBeStat.

WiBeMarket is not only orient marketing for shopping malls, it can be easily used in Museums, Stations, Airports, Restaurants, Hotels, Gas Stations, Hospitals.