GIS Consultantcy

WiBeCom provides a GIS system architecture consulting

Data Management

Configure your geodatabase to allow more efficient access and management of your data! Geodetic databases can be accessed from desktop PCs, servers or mobile applications. They allow you to store a wide range of data with any number of advanced relational models, rules and relationships, with multi-user access, to integrate with other IT solutions and adapt them to all needs.

Data analysis

Leave us your data that you have collected and we will help you to interpret them! Analyzing the data using GIS technology will allow you to visually see patterns, relationships, trends, critical issues and understanding that might otherwise be overlooked. Contact us to see what you have missed!

Project management

You do not know where to start your GIS project or do you need someone else to handle the details? WiBeCom staff have in-depth experience in project management, from start to completion, and will work with you to define the vision, objectives and success criteria for your project. Our staff uses the Agile / Scrum method and will work for you to see the results quickly and get the final results you want!

Enterprise architecture

We can create your program's infrastructure from the start or help expand your current GIS environment from any level. Our staff specializes in hardware selection, server setup, software installation and more.


Sometimes you just want to be able to do it yourself, or maybe you have a new GIS solution in place and need a hand to start using it to full potential. Anyway, WiBeCom is here to help! We can provide on-site or virtual training sessions for individuals, teams or large groups on virtually any GIS topic or application. If you are interested in setting up a GIS workshop, we can also organize them for you; including facilities, training materials, meals and activities! Call us for more details!

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Training Session