SketchUp Design

Sketchup Software Overview

SketchUp is a free 3D modeling software originally oriented towards architecture.

Originally published by the company Last Software (subsequently bought by Google)
this software is characterized by simple tools, which makes it a 3D product very different from classical 3D modelers.

SketchUp is focused on speed and simplicity, which significantly separates it from other types of modeler by adopting a very different functioning. The work is done mainly in 3D, where the other software often transposes plans in 2D.

Thanks to the possibility of linking geographical points, it is possible to integrate the model on a plane and thus create a universe in 3 dimensions.

Using data import modules, SketchUp becomes a great tool for visualizing data in 3D, asynchronous or in real time.

Features of Sketchup software

SketchUp is free in its classic version, the paid version PRO will further extend the possibilities of 3D modeling and will offer more tools in order to explore the possibilities of the software.

SketchUp is installed in English by international convenience. A shortcut memorization methodology will be implemented for more flexibility with your interactions with the software.

WiBeCom can offer you training in the use of the software, in its basic version and also for the Pro version. During the training, the modeling method specific to Sketchup will be approached with a unique work in a 3D window.

The designers of WiBeCom can also realize your models, prepare the import of your data according to the needs of your company.

WiBeCom teams are at your disposal and you can contact them via this form.

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