Geo 3D registration & verification

Collecting, saving, and verifying data is critical so that static data analysis and display is correct.

The human eye is not a reference tool, for example, during a sports event, the club's officials estimate the presence of 3,000 people, journalists 4,500 people and public authorities 6,000 people, these are statistics Wrong.

In the above example, the quantity of people is the result of the measure, but we are not limited to quantifying people, thanks to the IoT, it is possible to accurately measure and quantify much more, information through the use of various sensors in real time.

Thanks to the use of the correct sensors it is possible to measure and quantify a lot of information (object characteristics) of an element (the object to be quantified) facing an event (moment in time) at a location (location in space), for example by using barcode or QR codes scanners, cameras (photo or video), NFC technology, infrared sensors, sound or ultrasonic sensors, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and more.

This information can then be represented as data located in a 3D space asynchronously or in real time.

WiBeCom can put its teams at your disposal to analyze the best technologies to put in place so that the collection of your data is as efficient as possible.

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