3D Data Visualization

Nowadays, thanks to the affordable GPS, IoT and geolocation allow us to go beyond the simple presentation of 3D data as proposed by some well-known calculation table programs.

We can then display data in 3D on a map, which allows us to display a global view of a specific territory or space concerning the data.

3D viewing can go even further, juxtaposing different levels can make viewing on a map more difficult, and by creating a 3D universe, it will be easy to display the data in the right place, either asynchronously or in real time.

WiBeCom teams can offer training in the use of ArcGIS, SketchUp and integration of solutions for displaying your data in 3D.

WiBeCom can also create for you the different modules of visualization and import of your data to display them in a universe in 3D.

WiBeCom teams are at your disposal and you can contact them via this form.