3D CAD Tools

The information collected and stored in our databases in the form of computer files must, today, remain inert and simply stored as is.

They are essential data to the evolution of the company, and for this, it is necessary to know how to treat this information, because in a file in the pure state, they do not mean anything.

We must therefore be able to analyze them, manipulate them and, above all, represent them in such a way that they want to show us an obviousness.

A sheet with columns and numbers, textual data, difficult to read, accompanied by a graphic that highlight the information will be a plus.

Timed data will be easy to present on a timeline.

Nowadays, thanks to IoT, we can receive geo-localized information, the latter represented on a map will be the best way to represent them.

A set of data coming from the same location, for example a building on several floors for example, their representation on a simple map becomes difficult and moreover if they are temporized in time.

This is where 3D modeling comes in, thanks to various Cad tools, a way of representing the data in time or in real time in a virtual 3D space.

WiBeCom can provide you with a team that specializes in data analysis, processing and representation in a 3D world and manages the design, creation and import of data following your analysis needs.

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