Based on the rich experience in providing geospatial solutions in different geographical and industrial domains, WiBeCom has a broad and deep knowledge base.

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WiBeCom is also a software editor as GIS leaves too many of a company's strategics questions unanswered even, if GIS tools are visually appealing and do include valuable insights.

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WiBeCom is a technology-driven advisory company that helps companies to manage comprehensive data-sets, perform sophisticated analyses that directly address their strategic objective, and integrate these mathematical statistical analyses into their decision-making processes.

We develop a deeper understanding of the particularities of local market in combination with powerful data visualizations technics thanks to Geographic Information Systems.

Our advisory activity does not only addresses company's strategic questions, but also offers self-developed software tools enabling customized solutions, its interfaces, functionalities, and reporting features tailored specifically to the user's needs.

Labeled FrenchTech it has approx. 20 developers, who are in charge of R&D and database management (ORACLE, MS SQL, MySQL, Java, Ruby).

WiBeCom's team is specialized in spatial analytics: indoor (SketchUp, AutoCAD, Blender,...) and outdoor (ESRI ArcGIS, QGis, Google Maps, Maptitude, MapBox,...).

More about GIS, read this page : What-is GIS?